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“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone.” 

Lisa Olivera

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Ready OT is an occupational therapy practice, led by Kelsey Pringle, an AHPRA registered Occupational Therapist and a supporting team of administrative staff. Ready OT serves adolescents and adults who experience psychosocial disabilities and mental ill-health including Trauma, Autism, Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorders, ADHD, Depression and Bi-Polar.

Long term, Ready OT’s vision is that clients do not need therapy, and their combined services are the building blocks to help achieve this level of independence.


We pride ourselves on implementing gold standard evidence-based practice which is supported by research to ensure clients can meet their unique goals.


Occupational therapy enables people to participate in activities they find meaningful. These activities include taking care of oneself (and others), working, volunteering, and participating in hobbies, interests, and social events. Occupational therapy is a client-centred health profession that involves ongoing assessments to understand what activities clients can do (and those they want to do), any current limitations, clients goals/motivations and to offer advice/techniques about how to do something more easily and safely.

What we do 

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We offer assessment and intervention in the following areas:



Making and keeping friends is hard, and we know that friendships are a psychological vaccine against the onset of mental illness. We teach clients the skills, steps, and social rules to enable them to make and keep friends. We also educate and train clients primary support person to become their ‘social coach,’ to continue to develop the social skills years after the intervention with Ready OT.



Cognition refers to our thinking skills, from judgement and reasoning to memory. It allows us to function and make sense of the world around us. It helps us to plan and execute everything we do, and to communicate with other people. Cognitive skills are used in every aspect of our daily lives – at school, at work, when we’re alone and when we’re with others. In fact, you’re using cognitive skills reading this website. Cognitive skills are complex, often occur simultaneously, and can change over time. It is also perfectly normal for these skills to fluctuate depending on our environment, for example how much sleep we’ve had, our diet (including alcohol), exercise, stressors and time of day can all affect our cognition.

Ready OT tailors cognitive interventions utilise remedial, compensatory, and therapeutic approaches to suit individual needs.



Through standardised assessments, observation, and interview, we offer a comprehensive overview of an individual’s needs. Our detailed reports include strengths and limitations, strategies to assist clients meet their goals and a regime of care which may be necessary to meet their current and future needs.

These assessments and reports are typically useful for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning meetings or accessing the scheme.



Mental illness and neurodiversity pose great challenges for people to participate in life events due to difficulties with sensory integration. Sensory integration is the process by which we receive information through our senses, organize this information, and use it to participate in everyday activities.


Sensory modulation is a therapeutic intervention that engages a person’s senses to change how they feel. Ready OT utilises this approach to help individuals with neurodiversity and mental ill health to regulate their emotions, and enable behaviour change to facilitate participation in life activities.


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