Ready OT provides a strengths-based, goal-directed service to improve mental health and wellbeing. We provide a client centred approach focussed on supporting an individual to function and participate in the activities and environments of their daily life.

The initial appointments are used to build rapport, understand client’s unique history, challenges, and stressors.


Ready OT provides individual support to:

Assess clients occupational needs

Negotiate individual treatment plans with measurable goals

Provide one to one therapy


Together, clients and their therapist explore what may be restricting their performance in activities of daily living.


Psychological theories / approaches can be utilised to assist with facilitating change these include:

Dialectical Behavioural approach

Cognitive Behavioural approach

Motivational interviewing

Acceptance and commitment approach

Stages of change


Our mental health service supports adolescents and adults to maintain recovery, embrace change and improve their quality of life.

Ready OT advocates for our clients with transparency and collaboration.