​Groups not only help to ease that sense of isolation, but also give the opportunity to practice re-engaging with people. Hearing from others with similar issues helps participants see that they are not alone in having challenges, whether they’re grappling with anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue, many people experience relief.


Hearing other people’s challenges and how they are working to overcome them or just the understanding that an individual is not alone in their journey of recovery or self-discovery can be empowering and illicit change.


Participants might feel uncomfortable speaking up and advocating for themselves, which can be common when dealing with anxiety and depression.

In a group therapy situation, participants can safely lean into feeling accepted by others and to challenge themselves in making their needs known, whilst receiving validation and support.

Each week participants will engage in a 2-hour therapeutic activity to facilitate increased awareness of their situation, habits and routines, health, and relationships. Activities will be tailored to the needs of group participants.

Walking in Nature

Participant’s discover their unique sensory profile and preferences. They learn the skills to implement sensory based strategies to both activities and their environments to improve occupational performance and participation in daily life.

Relaxing at Home

We provide 1:1 and small group coaching and mentoring services to those who care for people with complex mental health and psychosocial disabilities.

This is suitable for parents, siblings, support workers and allied health assistants who are in caring roles to prevent carer burnout.

Online Meeting