Each week participants will engage in a 2-hour therapeutic activity to facilitate increased awareness of their situation, habits and routines, health, and relationships. Activities will be tailored to the needs of group participants.

Walk in Nature

Target group

Individuals with:

  • Poor confidence in their ability to make changes.

  • Difficulties making changes due to engrained habits or multiple role demands.

  • Restricted experience of a range of occupational roles.

  • Limited knowledge about the impact of occupation and health and wellbeing.

  • Reduced social support for making changes.

Anticipated outcomes

  • Increased social support.

  • Increased variety of occupational roles.

  • Greater awareness of occupational balance and the importance of routine.

  • Increased confidence in ability to engage in the change process.

Topics and activities include

  • Therapeutic use of creative activities – art/craft.

  • Therapeutic use of physical activity.

  • Therapeutic use of self-care.

  • Therapeutic use of social activities.

  • Therapeutic use faith/beliefs and its relationship to recovery.

  • Therapeutic use of domestic tasks.


Total cost $1925.96 (approximately 10 hours of capacity building funding).

Total cost includes the following:

  • 6 week program.

  • Occupational Therapy initial assessment and outcome measures: 193.99

  • 6 week group program: $1200

  • Occupational Therapy post program outcome measures: 193.99

  • Progress report: $387.98